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Village of Pecatonica Aggregation Program

Village of Pecatonica Aggregation program moving to Dynegy in September for 12 months for a fixed rate of $.06797/kWh.  The old program with Constellation will be ending at that time.  Anyone on the program or on ComEd were sent a letter about the program and whether they want to opt out or not.

If someone wants to stay with the Village program (ComEd is above village program $.07151/kWh Oct to May) they don’t need to do anything.  They will automatically go in the program. 

If someone wants to stay with ComEd, they need to opt out.  They can call Dynegy, send back in the card that was with the letter, or they can call me 815-766-2574 Marni H.  I can also opt them out.

The program has $0 early termination fee.  If they do get in the program and want to leave sometime over the next 12 months, they can do so.  They can call Dynegy to cancel or they can call me to cancel.

If someone is new to the community and wants to join sometime down the road, they can call me or Dynegy and ask to join the program.  They get the same program until Sept 2018.

If someone has a supplier company of their own that is NOT Constellation (the old supplier) they can also join the Village program if they want but we would want them to call their own supplier first and ask if they have a termination fee.

Marni Henert

Rock River Energy Services


2047 S. IL Rt 2

Oregon, IL  61061

Phone: 815-766-2574

Fax: 815-732-2802

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